Many small businesses in our neighborhood are feeling the financial strain caused by the coronavirus. The Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce provides numerous links and referrals to loan resources on its website to help local establishments survive the crisis. The Chamber also revived its Live Local committee. Its first initiative is to blanket the neighborhood with Live Local East Dallas yard signs as a visual reminder to shop at local businesses. Here are four ways neighbors can help small businesses on the road to recovery:

Live It: From banking and shopping to legal services and entertainment, choose to do as much business locally as possible. If you can, take the 20 percent challenge. If you use local sources for 30 percent of your services, try to increase that to 50 percent.

Invite others: Remind your friends to shop local and suggest businesses whenever possible.

Volunteer: Help with the campaign by selling signs or joining the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce Live Local committee.

Educate: Tell your friends and neighbors about how Live Local can help the community. Display a yard sign and tell local businesses about the movement.


For every $100 spent, nearly $70 stays in the community when you shop at a small business.

Source: Small Business Economic Impact Study from American Express