If you need another reason to brag about your neighborhood, you can add life expectancy to the list.

Lakewood residents who live in the zip code 75214 have the highest life expectancy in Dallas at 83.8 years, according to new research from the National Center for Health Statistics and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The research shows how life expectancy at birth can vary depending on the conditions where people. Segregation, access to healthcare, public transportation, healthy food, affordable housing and good jobs all impact life expectancy.

And that data can vary widely from block to block. For example, only 5 miles separate Lakewood and Fair Park, but the distance could mean losing 18 years of one’s life.

While Lakewood had the city’s highest life expectancy — about five years longer than the U.S. average, Texas average and Dallas County average — Fair Park had the lowest at 65.9 years.

Below, look at how Dallas neighborhoods compare with each other and the county, state and national averages. Check your own census track here.



Dallas County-78.3

Lakewood (75214)-83.8

Highland Park (75205)-83.0

Lake Highlands (75243)-81.0

Preston Hollow (75230)-80.9

Uptown (75201)-80.9

Northwest Dallas (75220)-77.7

Kessler Park (75208)-77.7

Oak Cliff (75233)-77.6

Pleasant Grove (75217)-75.6

Casa View (75228)-74.8

Southern Dallas (75232)-74.6

East Oak Cliff (75216)-72.8

West Dallas (75212)-71.7

Fair Park (75215)-65.9