One of the difficulties in writing my column for the magazine is that it needs to be done six weeks before the magazine comes out. Which means there is a lot of time for what I write about not to happen.

Or, in Mayor Park Cities’ case, for the situation to get even worse. After the jump, a few thoughts about the column – which talked about the mayor’s political woes — and the most recent Trinity developments

The convention center hotel vote in May may not prevent the hotel from being built. But it will certainly be a referendum on Leppert’s tenure as mayor. If voters reject the hotel, and I wouldn’t bet against it, it’s fair to say that voters will have rejected Leppert. How many of us would that thought was possible, given the mayor’s success in the Trinity referendum in November 2007?

But, apparently, much of his success was built on a shaky foundation (pun fully intended). The news that there will be a closed session of the city council on Wednesday to discuss the mess that the Trinity has turned into is astounding. In fact, it’s even more shocking that that, but I can’t think of a better adjective. You don’t hold a closed meeting unless you want to say things you don’t want the voters to hear. So how bad can the news be if they don’t want us to hear it?

And you know what’s even crazier about this? The mayor is getting so much bad press from the Trinity debacle that almost no one is holding him accountable for the budget as it slowly sinks into never-never land. And, frankly, the budget could turn into an uber-debacle.

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