Whataburger will open at Gaston Avenue and Tucker Street. Photography courtesy of Masterplan.

Let there be rejoicing in all the land — or at least in Lakewood. Whataburger is at long last opening in our neighborhood.

We’ve been hungrily waiting for years, with some of us getting downright hangry. But the wait is almost over. The Lakewood location will open in spring 2022, said Nicolle Ketcham, marketing director for land-use consultant Masterplan.

The Lakewood eatery will be located at Gaston Avenue and Tucker Street, near the Garland-Gaston-Grand intersection. The location was selected with young, local families in mind.

“We want this to be the place you come with your kids after they just won their big game,” said Don Kirk, president of Whataburger of Mesquite, Inc.

The newest restaurant will feature a modern design that reflects redevelopment and revitalization efforts at Arboretum Village. Texas Instruments previously occupied the shopping center, and Masterplan is providing rezoning assistance to remove 1970s deed restrictions tied to Texas Instruments so Whataburger can operate.

“Part of what makes Lakewood unique is the tight-knit community and the appreciation of the natural beauty located here,” Kirk said. “This new location was designed with this community in mind.”

There are more than 800 Whataburger locations nationwide, but not a single one can be found in the heart of Lakewood. The closest is at 2428 N. Haskell Ave., where President Joe Biden ate while campaigning last year.

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