Lakewood tower will go dark to honor the passing of Vickie Thompson (second from right). (Photo courtesy of Russ Kelemen.)

Lakewood Tower will go dark on Wednesday night to honor beloved Lakewood volunteer Vickie Thompson, who died just hours after the Lakewood Fourth of July parade she organized for years. Bill Willingham and Craig Kinney, who own Lakewood Theater, were completely and immediately on board with honoring the neighborhood icon.

Her funeral service will be the following day, Thursday, at Wilshire Baptist Church at 3 p.m. with a reception to follow at her own Ridgeweood Park United Methodist Church.

During the service, the Woodrow Choir and musical students will perform a song from one of the musicals, and guests are asked to sing along as a tribute to the woman who gave so much to the annual production. The family has asked that guests dress in a way that reflects Thompson’s spirit. She was known for dressing in all black with bright scarves, but guests can wear something bright and cheerful to reflect her eternal optimism.

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