Complaining about road construction, as we’ve recently mentioned, is a national pastime. Here are all the roads being repaired from January to March in City Council District 9, so you can begin preparing for any potential inconveniences now.

  • Axton Lane from Abrams Road to Kelman Street
  • Belford Drive from Ashford Drive to Ravendale Lane
  • Benedict Drive from Chapel Hill Road to Kimberly Lane
  • Brendenwood Drive from Gaston Avenue to Avalon Avenue
  • Champa Drive from Blanning Drive to Hambrick Road
  • Clearbrook Lane from Duxbury Drive to Cheswick Street
  • Daytonia Avenue from Sanford Avenue to Tavaros Avenue
  • Hermosa from Naylor Street to Stevens Street
  • Hermosa from Peavy Road to Naylor Street
  • Hermosa from Stevens Street to Fuller Drive
  • Highland Road from Ferguson to north of the entrance to Primrose at Highland
  • Hillbrook Street from South Ridge Drive to North Ridge Drive
  • Housley Drive from Desdemona Drive to Housley Drive
  • Housley Drive from Housley Drive to Joaquin Drive
  • Joaquin Drive from Housley Drive to San Francisco Drive
  • Kilarney Drive from Tranquilla Drive to Peavy Road
  • Materhorn Drive from Shiloh Road to Crest Ridge Drive
  • Mercer Drive from N. Buckner Boulevard to Mariposa Drive
  • Myrtice Drive from Ruidosa Avenue to Tisinger Avenue
  • Newcombe Drive from San Juan Avenue to Crest Ridge Drive
  • Nonesuch Ed from Blanch Circle to Westlake Avenue
  • Norwood Drive from Newcombe Drive to Galena Street
  • South Ridge Drive from Sperry Street to Wildbriar Lane
  • St Francis Avenue from San Leandro Drive to Barbaree Boulevard
  • Tipperary from Peavy Road to Donegal Drive
  • Tisinger Avenue from Tascosa Street to Ulloa Lane

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