Homes on Lakewood Boulevard in the proposed expansion area. Photo by Renee Umsted.

Update (Aug. 26, 2022): A link to the meeting dates and times has been added. 

The City of Dallas Department of Planning and Urban Design has scheduled 12 meetings to talk about proposed regulations for the Lakewood Conservation District expansion. See the meeting days and times here.

The neighborhood committee turned in signed petitions from 189 residents in the expansion area in June — representing 68% of homeowners in the area — and City staff recently verified the signatures.

While 12 post-application meetings have been scheduled, neighbors may not need all of them to complete discussions.

Residents in the expansion area will receive mailed notices from the City informing them of meeting dates. The first meeting will occur Aug. 31 at the Samuell-Grand Recreation Center.

The neighborhood committee also plans to send a survey to residents to get a better idea of which regulations are most and least important to them. Results will be shared with neighbors and the City.

Certain aspects of architectural and developmental styles — such as density, fences, lot coverage, setbacks, stories, building materials, porch styles and windows — have to be regulated. However, the City doesn’t dictate how each of those is regulated.

Here’s a recap of the May pre-application meeting, where Lakewood neighbors learned about the process to create a conservation district.