Kindfetti yard signs spread positivity in the neighborhood. (Photo courtesy of Sharon Bridges via Instagram)

Throw kindness like confetti. That’s the idea behind a Lakewood business that aims to spread positivity through inspirational yard signs.

Sharon Bridges started the business, Kindfetti, about two years ago after she organized a group of volunteers to paint motivational messages on bathroom stalls at J.L. Long Middle School.

“I was shocked at how much people responded to that,” Bridges said. “It broke my heart a little bit. It seems so simple to me. People really crave kindness.”

Six months later, she created Valenkinds for children to give to each other on Valentine’s Day.

Her latest initiative is a batch of colorful yard signs with messages that say, “You Matter,” “Focus on the Good,” “Courage is Contagious” and more.

Neighbors can purchase the signs on Instagram for $15 each or a set of 10 for $110. A portion of the sales will go toward organizations promoting social justice.

Signs can be picked up or delivered.

“Before the pandemic, before racial injustice protests, I chose words that are so relevant right now,” Bridges said. “It’s easy to see the negative, but I like to shine a light on things that make people feel good, even if it’s only three words.”

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