Juliette Fowler Communities released more than 350 butterflies, representing each resident, to celebrate the easing of some COVID-19 restrictions.

Residents and staff gathered for the first time since the pandemic Thursday in the Harwood Garden. President and CEO Nicole Gann provided opening remarks, and chaplain Venessa Harmel led community members through the butterfly release.

Juliette Fowler has a monarch waystation, which began two years ago as part of its Dallas County Master Gardener Association program. Residents have enjoyed watching the transformation from caterpillars to butterflies.

“I thought it was a good expression of the intent to allow new opportunities for the seniors in our community,” resident John Wrench said. “It is an event that no one in our community will ever forget. My neighbors and I can’t stop talking about it.”

Only 7 percent of residents and 17 percent of staff members contracted COVID-19 at the senior living center. Fowler Communities will continue to wear masks, social distance, sanitize and wash hands often.

“I don’t have the words to describe this event,” resident Ann Wuermser said. “It was just something you had to feel. That is something for me to say because I’m a writer, and I know plenty of words.”

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