Chipotle logoThat’s really all I was able to find out: A Chipotle rep confirmed that the sort-of fast food chain will be building a restaurant on the northwest corner of Richmond and Abrams. I can’t tell you when construction will start or when the place will open. Here’s the entirety of what I received via email from Chipotle:

“Thanks for writing so we can clear this up. We do plan to come to that location in the near future, but we don’t have a firm opening date set yet. Stay tuned. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and hope to see you there when the time comes.”

Honestly, I wasn’t enthusiastic; I just asked when the new store would open.

Meanwhile, there has been continuing discussion and questions about what will eventually take the place of the former Wachovia Bank on the corner of Belmont/Lakewood and Abrams, and as far as I know, there’s nothing new to report there.

The Wachovia location was absorbed when Wells Fargo bought Wachovia a few years ago, and it’s my understanding that Wells Fargo continues to pay whatever lease payments are due each month from the Wachovia lease (the building is leased from the same guy who owns the Chipotle land). That likely means that Wells Fargo would be glad to dump the lease and get out from under the payments, but it’s likely to prefer making the payments to allowing a competitor bank to slide into the space.

So for the many “haters” out there who would like to see something else besides financial institutions and Italian restaurants moving into the neighborhood, I think you can rest easy for now — at this location.

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