Lakehill helps after Hurricane Ike

Not long after Ike hit, students participating in a new leadership and mentoring program at Lakehill Preparatory School, some 300 miles away, were mulling over ideas for a service project.

The real story

It’s the idiosyncrasies and character quirks that make the Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame inductees, the stars of a new coffee table book, so fascinating.

Little Forest Hills’ Another Byte

Scattered about the fenced-in yard of a home built sometime in the 1940s or 50s are stone tables (some holding a tattered board game or two), sculptures, paintings, a pinkish antique bicycle and a large sign advertising “free yoga classes every 2nd Saturday of the month”.

Q&A: Author Karen James

She became a widow as the world watched in December 2006. Two years have passed since rescuers lifted the body of her husband, Kelly James, from a cave near the summit of Mount Hood.

Iron giant

You’ve heard of a clotheshorse, but a “clothes dinosaur”? No? Then it’s time you met Dallas’ (and likely, the world’s) best-dressed theropod.

Rock couture for kids

You won’t catch Austin or Hunter Wallace wearing nerdy, baby blue, fuzzy-footed pajamas with cartoon character designs. These kids have an image to maintain,…

White Rock YMCA’s new bridge

Quite a bit of chatter has taken place about connecting a bridge from the YMCA to the trails, and the idea offers incentives galore for the public and the organization …

Fish City Grill

When you think about Fish City Grill, you likely think about, well, fish. That’s understandable, but buried there among the halibut and salmon you’ll find one of the city’s best soups, cream of roasted jalapeño.

Hall of Fame wines & black-eyed peas

There was plenty of excellent cheap wine in 2008 as we celebrate the Advocate’s seventh annual Cheap Wine extravaganza and $10 Wine Hall of Fame.