The fight for Little Forest Hills

The folks who live here are on a crusade to preserve the character of their neighborhood, as evidenced by the plentiful “Keep Little Forest Hills Funky” signs pitched on a number of lawns.

Arts at the fair

Along the turtle-speckled lagoon that leads to one of the world’s largest Ferris wheels is a lane lined with locally crafted sculptures, shooting fountains and delightfully designed landscapes — including a one-of-a-kind totem pole garden.

Running Mates

When 3,000 or so runners take off on the 13.1-mile trek around the White Rock Lake area Nov. 2, 36 Marines half-a-world away will run a course equal in length, if not terrain.

Ghost writers

We call her the Lady of the Lake because we first encountered her by the lake. She was desperate for a ride. She was young — maybe 16 —and was wearing a white formal gown that was soaked to her skin … we stopped and she got in.

Q&A: Teen singer Nick Chatham

Fifteen-year-old boys can be awkward, gawky creatures. But not this kid. Sporting a graphic black T-shirt and seated outside a Lakewood café, he’s the picture of confident and cool.

Artful eggs

Everyone has a story — Jeanne Webber writes hers in colorful images sprawled over dozens of intricately designed Ukrainian eggs.

J-Dig Cards

You know those greeting cards that so proudly and eloquently capture the innermost sentiments you have for a loved one? Well, these aren’t those cards.