Kiddo cartoonist, Bob Cummins

Few people have successfully created their own weekly newspaper, popular blog site and clever comic strip before reaching the age of 9.

Fat Daddy’s

Who sang “Over the Rainbow” 12,551 times? The answer is one of dozens listed on the Trivial Pursuit game cards sandwiched between ketchup bottles and paper towel rolls on Fat Daddy’s tables.

True crime: Stolen cash

Being able to see and smell your cash is seldom a bad thing, but as Jack Topletz knows, keeping large amounts of it outside a vault that has its own lock and teller isn’t the best idea.

Ask a cop

Q: New homes under construction are often a target for burglars, but what about homes undergoing renovations? Are there any extra precautions homeowners can take?

Life imitating life

Imitation is not only the highest form of flattery; it also helps to shape us into the kind of people we want to become. The pattern holds in the spiritual realm, too.