Why we should care about the Trinity referendum

We’ve been arguing for months about a parkway, where it will be located, how many lanes and exits it will or won’t have, and whether we need it to solve downtown’s traffic woes. But while we’re at it, there’s something else we should be arguing about, too …

Halloween on Swiss Avenue

The pressure is intense come Oct. 31. Neighbors estimate that 3,000 to 4,000 children and their parents descend on the historic district each year, and for some residents, participation is not optional.

The Hexter Howl Fun Run

“Reading and running are my great passions, and when I’m running, I’m thinking of the novels I’m giving my students, what I’m going to say about them. That’s my life.”

Masters in the making

Concentrating on the “Mona Picasso” painting in front of her, 6-year-old Allison attempts to sketch her own version of the portrait created by local artist Jo Moncrief.