Q&A: Editor Sherri Burns

Every two weeks, 1.6 30,000 feet. At this comfortable cruising altitude, that’s how many readers reach into the seatback pocket in front of them and pick up a copy of Burns’ magazine.

Decking the halls

In the opinion of Lochwood residents Bob and Phyllis Beilue, nearly every holiday is an occasion for elaborate decoration.

Ask a cop

The Dallas Police Department database just went public. What can we now find out by logging onto the police website, and how will it make us more safe?

Finding Christmas in Halloween

Halloween and Christmas form odd bookends in the holiday season. Some rightly argue that Halloween doesn’t even qualify as a holy-day at all, since its roots are pagan and themes of death and ghosts and goblins pervade.

The Mouths of Babes

Look no further to find a good dose of the holly jollies. The holidays are here, so it’s time to get in the holiday…