“Vera’s BC Dotty” Blooming Hubcap by Sharon Zigrossi.

Sharon Zigrossi was looking for a creative way to be eco-friendly when she stumbled upon a novel idea — hubcaps as yard art. She started decorating her garden with vibrantly colored hubcaps, and pretty soon, neighbors wanted some, too.

Today, she has a garage full of wheel covers waiting to be turned into art for interested buyers. And it’s not just yard art anymore. As they got more elaborate, they seemed just as suited to an art exhibit as they did to a garden.

This November, neighbors can view a variety of her work at a White Rock Hills Branch Library exhibit to promote recycling and repurposing.

“Hopefully the exhibit will get people to look at what we often throw away and find ways to repurpose,” Zigrossi said.

The exhibit will be held in conjunction with a workshop Nov. 23 at North Haven Gardens, where people can learn to make their own hubcap art. Attendees will be provided with a prepped hubcap ready to be embellished recycled materials.

To transform a hubcap into an art piece, Zigrossi spray paints the back black and then adds several layers of paint to the front. She seals it with one last coating and adds embellishments. Design themes range from Mardi Gras to the Dallas Cowboys.

“Hopefully people will want to make something creative for their yard or even a wreath for their door,” Zigrossi said.

For those who aren’t artistically inclined, her Blooming Hubcaps can also be purchased online.

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