Neighbors cruising Ross Avenue might drive by the Oden Hughes development and see something impressive.

The lot doesn’t have much more than a foundation at the moment, with a couple structures that appear to elevator shafts for the 295 future luxury apartments protruding into the sky above.  Along the side of the shafts, “seas” can be seen in white with red splotches behind.

With no scaffolding, ledges or other ways to hang on, it is an incredible feat. A discerning eye will see that top of the tower above the tag is missing a few cinder blocks, leading one to believe that perhaps they were tied in from above, rappelling down the side of the shaft with ropes and a harness. We hope they were close to the ground when those cinder blocks broke.

Maybe they built a structure below or rented a cherry picker and snuck it past the security fence. We don’t condone trespassing and defacing property, but we are impressed by the daredevil artist nonetheless.

This sort of risk-taking artistry happens all the time, including on the side of a spherical water tower in New Jersey.

We can’t say for sure if this is the purple taco artist, but if any of our wise readers have an idea how this sort of thing is done, please let us know.

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