Neighbors on their way to and from work may have noticed a series of at least seven purple tacos tagged on several buildings along Gaston Avenue.

The tacos could prove to be costly for developers in the area, as they were spray-painted on what looks like the final facades of several new buildings.

The shape of the tacos appear to be of the crispy variety, with an unknown filling that could be mounds of ground beef, beans or a more exotic ingredient.

Some of the shells appear to have spots, revealing a slight over-toasting; while others have curved lines emanating from the filling, signifying a rich aroma wafting from the crunchy snack.

Most of the tacos appear on the brick facades and garage doors of new developments along Gaston. Perhaps a commentary on gentrification? It’s hard to say.

But closer to downtown, the tacos appear on a humble USA Donuts shop and on the side of an older convenience store, complicating the messaging.

Using purple, a color associated with royalty, to illustrate the lowly taco is an interesting juxtaposition that may reveal some of the artist’s ideology, but we’re no art critic.

The last clue may be in the taco that was drawn directly over a glowing carrot and the tag “veggy,” another East Dallas artist. Could this be the opening salvo in a taco vs. veggy graffiti war in our neighborhood? Time will tell.

If you have any information on the purple tacos or have seen them appear anywhere else, please let us know. Survey more damage below.

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