Bob often can be found joining — frequently uninvited — bands performing at local music venues. The movie about his life is now available on DVD.

After we wrote about the movie “His Name is Bob”, which chronicles the life of one Robert Crawford, our neighborhood’s most recognizable wanderer, many Advocate readers wanted to know how they too could see the movie. There were a few screenings and cable television deals, but until now, if you wanted to see Bob’s movie, you really had to want it ’cause it was a hassle.

Now, however, moviemakers Lisa Johnson and Heather and Sebastian Lee have announced that DVDs of “His Name is Bob” are on on sale at the web site for $19.95. Finally!

Bob will receive 20 percent of the net profits of the film. Once you learn Bob’s story, you’ll likely agree this is a much-needed income for the man.

Through the aforementioned site, you can also donate directly to Bob, by the way.

The filmmakers have come a long way since we first wrote about them in 2009, five years after Johnson first met the polarizing and curious Robert Crawford. She told us she had this gut feeling — his story needed telling. She’s right. It does. Not only because Bob is so fascinating. Its real significance lies in the fact that protagonist Bob is a symbol of all those weird or dirty or awkward people we often try very hard not to see every day. The movie is guaranteed to make you begin seeing those seemingly strange and pestering people you encounter on the street, bus stop or outside the bar, and seeing them differently than you once might have.

In an email yesterday, the producers note their excitement about how far they and Bob have come:

Independent film making is not easy. We did our first test shoot in April of 2004. That’s right—eight years ago.

“It is estimated that about 20,000 documentary films are made every year, and only about 100 films make it to distribution and end up on TV. It is a miracle that Bob’s story has made it this far and we would love to make another film, so buy as many DVDs as you can!”

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