Remember Bob? He’s coming to the TV

Bob plays his keyboard in front of Pocket Sandwich Theater, one of his hangouts, as film makers Lisa Johnson and Sebastian Lee record.

For a few years now, we’ve been following Robert Crawford, better known as Bob, a ubiquitous character in the Lake Highlands, East Dallas and Deep Ellum neighborhoods, who gets around mostly by hitching rides from generous strangers.

A group of White Rock area people — Lisa Johnson and Heather and Sebastian Lee — made a movie about Bob (which we covered in 2009). It was a very good movie that everyone should see.

I reviewed it on DVD. Many of you emailed me asking where you could see the movie. Aside from a few special screenings, it wasn’t easy to see the movie.

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But the moviemakers recently announced a pretty big deal—”It is official ‘His Name is Bob’ will screen on the Documentary Channel, on Dish Network and Direct TV as soon as August.”

When you see Bob about town — and you will — be sure to congratulate him.

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  • DianaBueno

    I saw Bob yesterday on the bus and he asked me for money to pay the fare!   He told me about a month ago that he was moving to New Orleans.  When I asked him about his move he said that was his plan eventually.  I love Bob!  Congrats to him and Lisa, Heather and Sebastian!

  • Youpac

    Do I need to ready his personal ride for this year’s 4th of July parade? This year’s theme- Hollywood comes to Lakewood!

  • Ljohnson7

    Thanks so much, Christina! We so appreciate you!