Glosslab. Photo by Renee Umsted.

Glosslab, a nail spa based in New York, is planning to open a location in Lakewood.

The business will be located between Yogurtland and Roots Juices, at 1908 Abrams Parkway.

A representative from the company tells the Advocate in an email the location is expected to open around late fall or early winter.

Glosslab provides waterless manicures and pedicures, offering customers the option to purchase “packs,” which include multiple manicures or pedicures. For example, buying a three-pack of gel manicures amounts to $49 per manicure.

Neighbors could also purchase a membership, which includes unlimited manicures and pedicures; fees vary depending on how frequently subscriptions are paid, with the monthly rate more expensive than the semi-annual rate.

The company has another location planned to open at Preston-Royal, and there are no other locations in Texas.

Before founding Glosslab, Rachel Apfel graduated from Columbia Business School and worked in the finance industry, specifically at hedge funds. After her second daughter was born, she decided to open the first Glosslab in the Flatiron district of New York City.

“I started Glosslab to create a true ‘brand’ in the manicure space, to provide others with the opportunity to get a quick, seamless manicure,” Apfel writes in this Bizwomen article.

Update (July 20): The expected opening time for the location has been included.