Photo by Chris Arrant

Most of us know former TV personality Gary Cogill from his days as a movie critic on WFAA. The neighborhood resident has since shifted his focus to producing films.

In our August issue, editor Brittany Nunn wrote about Cogill and his new production company Lascaux Films.

Now, he’s getting some major play at the Toronto International Film Festival, the biggest film festival in North America, the DMN’s GuideLive reports. During a premiere Saturday, his movie “Words and Pictures,” directed by Fred Schepisi and starring Hollywood luminaries Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche, will be seen by crowds from all over the world.

“Words with Pictures,” is a love story about an English teacher and art instructor who rival over which is more important, words or pictures. The production involved 19 financial investors filmmakers from Dallas and was shot in Canada.

“I was in a wonderful, wonderful career, but what I really wanted to do was test myself and find out if I could do this,” Cogill reflects in Brittany’s story. “And the answer is yes. It’s magical. When we get to actually see this in the movie theater, it’s empowering.”

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