Will the vacant Lakewood Theatre become the next Granada Movie Grill?

“Something wonderful is about to happen,” says Keith McKeague, who was spotlighted in the late ‘80s for leasing the landmark Lower Greenville movie house now known as the Granada Movie Grill.

In 1987, McKeague leased and renovated the Granada Theatre and turned it into a Cinema ‘n’ Drafthouse, the first of its kind in Dallas.

The Granada Theatre still has the flair of a classic movie showplace, but viewers sit around small tables and a wait staff serves cocktails and food.

“It is not a done deal,” McKeague says regarding the possibility of his leasing of the Lakewood Theatre.

McKeague is no longer associated with the Granada Theatre, a Granada spokesman says, declining further comment. McKeague also declined further comment on his past association with the Granada or his current plans.

Several weeks ago, the Lakewood Theatre housed “A Landmark Evening” with the Dallas Jazz Orchestra, and attendees says McKeague was present and helped organize the evening.

The event featured several items similar to those on the Granada’s menu, and a few former Granada employees were among the wait staff serving food and drinks to patrons.

Also, the ushers and wait staff were wearing pins featuring the logo for McKeague’s company, Reel Entertainment Inc.

Mark Miranda, one of the Lakewood Theatre’s owners, says McKeague is negotiating with Miranda and co-owner Jim Christon, but he declined to discuss further details.

Look for developments during the next few weeks, Miranda says.