Demolition permits have been filed for the old Dallas ISD headquarters at 3700 Ross Ave. (Photo by Emily Charrier)

Ross Avenue develops constantly and consistently. Three-to-five story apartment complexes replace used car lots and run down buildings along the street that used to be called Dallas’ Fifth Avenue, lined with stately homes such as the Belo and Alexander Mansions, the only two that remain from that era.

After the building went up for sale, Leon Capital Group applied to change the zoning for Dallas ISD’s art-deco headquarters, constructed in the 1950s. Developers hope to construct a five-story multi-family apartment complex with structured parking.

The zoning application, represented by Rob Baldwin and Associates, calls the construction a “partial redevelopment” and hopes to “establish design criteria to complement the architecture and form of the remaining building.”

If the new structure complements architecture on the remaining building, there may be hope for the historic structure’s preservation.

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