Former Channel 8 anchor and current Southwest Airlines spokesman Brad Hawkins was arrested and charged with "public lewdness" Monday night in Olive Shapiro Park near White Rock Lake/Flag Pole Hill park, according to a blog published by former DMN writer Ed Bark and also according to Dallas police.

Hawkins, who left WFAA in December 2008, reportedly was followed by an undercover vice officer as he carried his bike in Olive Shapiro Park near Flag Pole Hill. As the DMN story notes, Hawkins then "spoke of sexual matters" before he "pulled the undercover vice officer’s hand to touch his genital area through his clothing." Then, Hawkins reportedly left on his bike and was arrested near his home shortly thereafter. Hawkins hasn’t commented, but his attorney told the News that "we believe that Mr. Hawkins is not guilty, and we ask that public opinion be withheld until the facts are known." Check out Bark’s blog if you want to see Hawkins’ mug shot picture: Spoiler alert — it’s not particularly anchor-worthy. There’s also a picture on Southwest’s website of Hawkins and the Southwest communications team (scroll down a ways to see it).

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