Much has been written here and elsewhere about the DMN‘s seeming fixation with DISD problems, as opposed to DISD successes. So it was with some measure of surprise that I read today’s editorial page, which praised "DISD’s Progress: Staff deserves credit for better campus rankings". The editorial congratulated DISD staff for boosting the number of "exemplary" campuses from 14 to 26 and the number of recognized schools from 36 to 76 this year, while also dropping the number of "unacceptable" schools from 26 to 20 — all proof, to the naked eye, that DISD is headed in the right direction. But the final paragraph retained just a note of a sneer, as it started out: "For now, we salute the many Dallas teachers and principals …" Implying, I guess, that it’s only a matter of time before DISD screws up again, and the DMN, reluctantly I presume, will be forced to point it out.

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