Kickstarter appeals often are annoying, especially when they come from bands. Usually, they want help fixing their van, or some such, and they just want money for nothing. Chicks for free.

But the Polyphonic Spree’s Kickstarter campaign is not like that. First, there is the video from the Spree’s bandleader, neighborhood resident Tim Delaughter.

Delaughter explains that when he started the band 12 years ago, everyone doubted he could make a 20-plus member rock band viable: “You can’t go on tour. Where are you gonna sleep? How are you gonna pay people?”

The video is cool because Delaughter explains how the Polyphonic Spree tours and what expenses they have.

Also, he’s not asking for free money. Much like pledging to public radio, there are incentives.

For $100, Tim Delaughter will talk to you on the phone for 10 minutes. There is also music, art and memorabilia available for donations most of us could afford. But for $10,000, the Polyphonic Spree will write a song about you or play in your living room.

The band is raising money to pay for post production on a live album recorded at Webster Hall in New York City this past May as well as a documentary of the band’s tour this year in Fort Worth, Boston, Washington, D.C. and New York. They also need funding to complete post production on a new studio album and for touring next year. Their goal is $100,000, and they’ve already raised over $36,000.

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