Every fall, this neighborhood businessman turns into a tree hugger

Why would a man who has renovated and leased more than 40 properties in our neighborhood take time out of his busy schedule to organize a tree-planting drive each fall?

“Cuz’ I love trees,” says Craig Power, who, along with brother Braden, runs Power Properties, widely recognized for taking dilapidated neighborhood structures and turning them into livable and stylish apartment homes.

Yes, but doesn’t this neighborhood have enough trees?

“East Dallas and Lakewood has beautiful mature trees,” he admits. “But if you plant young trees, they’re going to be coming in to take the big trees’ place as we lose them.”

So for the fourth consecutive year, Power is working with wholesale tree providers to donate trees to families that could not otherwise afford them (he’ll also offer them at wholesale prices to families that can).

“I’m looking at specific areas and at people with specific needs,” he says.

Last year, he concentrated on the Lower Swiss Avenue area — the “forgotten part of Swiss,” he calls it, planting 4- to 5-inch caliper red oaks.

“I bet every house for four to five blocks has two big trees out front now,” he says.

This year, Power is looking to plant more trees in Munger Historic District, Peak Suburban Historic District, Swiss Avenue and at homes along Gaston and Live Oak.

He only asks that people be willing to see the tree through to maturity.

“I want people to commit to taking care of it,” he says. “One year, we planted like 50 trees, and I bet there’s like six left. So it’s really important that people take ownership of the tree.”

And autumn, he says, is the best time to plant.

“That way, residents can get them established over winter, they can get some spring rain, and they’ll hopefully be established for the hot summer.”

Power receives no money from this project; when he does ask someone to pay wholesale for a tree, that money goes directly to the wholesaler, he says.

The goal, he says, is “just to get a bunch of trees planted.” And it’s a goal that he doesn’t have too hard of a time accomplishing.

“Lakewood is a very tree-friendly neighborhood.”

To request a tree, contact Craig power at craigpower@powerproperties.com.

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