Halloween has a way of making us all want to be scared, just for a bit. We visit haunted houses and watch scary movies to induce a desirable fright.

KERA’s Art and Seek spoke with Sociologist Margee Kerr, who explains why being frightened can be fun in the right circumstances. “Within milliseconds, when we realize … ‘Oh! I’m not really being chased by a serial killer. I’m actually safe,’ you can enjoy that physical response,” Kerr told Art and Seek. “You can kind of ride the natural high, as they say.”

East Dallas has our own set of alarming anecdotes. While most have heard about the Lady of the Lake, fewer probably know about the ghosts that allegedly haunt Snuffer’s on Greenville. In 2004, Pat Snuffer told the Advocate about two undead spirits he and his employees have observed: a man often seen near the restroom and a woman in a butcher’s apron. To find out where these apparitions might have come from and why they haunt cheese fry lovers from beyond the grave, read the story here.

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