The Faulkner Tower before and after new windows were installed.

New windows installed in the Faulkner Tower have provided a much-needed facelift and a touch of modernity to the 1960s-era tower on Gaston Avenue.

The shiny, dark new windows come about two months after construction workers with cherry pickers started removing the old ones from the seven-story building.

Take a closer look at the updated windows.

Replacing the windows is just one step in a renovation project that owner Carl Anderson, co-founder of commercial real estate developer Larkspur Capital, started when he purchased the seven-story tower at 6220 Gaston Ave. in July.

What’s next? Look for a resurfaced parking lot, landscaping and an alternative to the brutal-looking concrete.

“It’s extremely dated,” Anderson previously told the Advocate. “It will look brand new when it’s done.”

So far, Anderson has delivered. Let’s hope he keeps up the good work.