March 6 is the tentative date for a zoning change proposal involving the now-infamous Emerald Isle land parcel just west of Barbec’s off Garland Road and sort of overlooking White Rock Lake. This time around, the applicant and owner — Broomfield JV — is applying for a zoning change to allow construction of a 4-5 story condo building with a "minimum  average of 1,400 square feet per unit." Sounds like much of the parking will be underground, and the structure will have a maximum  height of 54 feet and maximum density of 102 units. An alternative development plan, also possible under the Planned Development District the owner is requesting, would allow construction of 41 "attached, single family homes, consisting of two and three story structures." And in case you’re wondering, and I’m quoting from the zoning application’s attached land use statement, "The owner, prospective buyers, and consultants, have had numerous meetings with neighbors and concerned neighborhood associations and the feedback leads to a desire for a residential use." For information, you can contact Jennifer Hiromoto with the city at 214-670-3917 or contact Broomfield JV at 972-231-4600.

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