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The Ridgewood Gymnastics Junior Olympic Team, which trains at the City of Dallas Ridgewood-Belcher Recreational Center in East Dallas, capped off its season as the No. 1 ranked level three north state team, the No. 1 ranked level four state team, and the No. 3 ranked level five state team of all small teams, competing in the Junior Olympic Program in the state of Texas.

Back row, left to right, level five gymnasts: Lily Lane, Kaylie Shaeffer, Erin Martin, Kate Giebler and Allison Williams. Middle row, level four gymnasts: Olivia Cantu, Miranda Rinck, Lauren Lee, and Faith Franklin. Front row, level three gymnasts: Lindsey Hillner, Madeline McNeill, Lyla Hale, Kate Tabor, Mary Kate Sweary. Not pictured is level four gymnast Elise Little.

Gymnasts in the program, who range in age from six to twelve, train fifteen to twenty hours each week. They are under the guidance of coaches Greg Coots and Amber Neroes, with the assistance of Alex Fuchs and ballet technique instructor Megan Bettis.

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