Taken from Twitter.com

Taken from Twitter.com

During the hustle and bustle of the work week, some things get lost in the shuffle. Here’s a roundup of four important news items we mined from the interwebs that you might’ve missed:

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  • Senator Wendy Davis, who “became an overnight celebrity after the filibuster heard around the world,” as the Dallas Morning News put it in their write-up, is going to be in our hood next month. She’s speaking at Alley’s House, an East Dallas nonprofit for teen moms, at their second annual fundraising luncheon on Sept. 26, the news says. We wrote about Alley’s House in February, if you’d like to learn more about their services.
  • Check it out: East Dallas’ Barker Brothers got a nice nod from the Observer. The report rehashes three recent city hall plans the Barkers managed to thwart and details how the Barkers do what they do. “What it is,” Hal told the Observer, “is I know how it works. I’ve been up against the Secretary of Defense in getting records. I’ve been up against presidential commissions.”
  • East Dallas taqueria La Banqueta is closed, the Observer reported on Monday. While trying to relocated his business across the street, owner Alberto Niro get caught in the clutches of the ugly parking beast that lurks around every corner of East Dallas, and he was eventually evicted by his landlord, the Observer says.
  • Last but not least, the Register-Herald had a somewhat confusing write-up about former Woodrow Wilson High School coach Clarence “Buckshot” Underwood being inducted into the Texas High School Hall of Honor.

*Correction: Clarence Underwood played for Woodrow Wilson High School in Beckley, West Virginia, not in Dallas.


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