The bald eagles might be sticking around Lake Highlands Park. But we have to wait and see.

That’s according to Brett Johnson, an urban biologist with the City of Dallas.

The nest fell down Tuesday afternoon because of high winds. The Advocate reported that it was estimated to be about 3 feet wide and 2-3 feet deep and weigh about 100 pounds. Evidence of one egg was found by the biologists who visited the site right after the nest fell.

Nick and Nora, as the eagles are affectionately known among some neighbors, had spent the last few months building up a nest on a partially dead limb of a cottonwood tree at Lake Highlands Park.

Right now, it looks like the eagles are repurposing another nest nearby, Johnson says. They are adding to it, but they might give up in a few days, he says. Whether they will lay another egg is another big question; eagle chicks are still fairly large, and the nest has to be able to support them.

Johnson and his counterparts at the state and federal wildlife agencies are observing the situation to ensure the birds are protected. The fence, which was added to create a buffer zone around the first nest, will stay in place.

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