Photo courtesy of Balcones Distilling via Facebook.

Dusty Hill and the other two ZZ Top band members are now on a whisky label.

Waco-based distillery Balcones Distilling partnered with the band on its Tres Hombres whisky.

The liquor shares the name of the ZZ Top’s first top 10 chart album, Tres Hombres, which was released in 1973. The whisky is made using three grains: roasted blue corn, malted barley and rye.

Its nose is described as “evaporative and spritely with aromas of honeycrisp apples and buttered pastry,” with a “hint of suede and whiteflower honey.” Its taste is “sweet and coating with good acidity, brown sugar and red grapes.” Its finish is “effervescent with a bit of fresh ginger and sage.”

ZZ Top was involved in the making of the whisky through virtual tasting and blending discussions, and the band inspired the distillery.

“In designing a whisky from disparate mash bills, we had to ask ourselves what each player would contribute to the whole: First, we went back to our roots and started with blue corn to provide a solid bass layer and an oily body,” according to the website. “Next, we introduced malted barley matured in virgin oak, for a soft-toned mid-palate and a stone fruit heavy finish, and finally, rye, to deliver a bright spicy top note to the whole ensemble.”

Though the band was formed in Houston, ZZ Top’s bass player, Dusty Hill, grew up in East Dallas. He attended Woodrow Wilson High School and graduated in 1967. Hill got his start in music at J. L. Long playing cello.

Hill died in his sleep earlier this year; he was 72.

Tres Hombres is currently out of stock but is expected to be rolled out to liquor stores mid-November. A 750-milliliter bottle costs $59.99.