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Provided photo

Last we checked, all we knew about Dugg Burger, the new burger joint coming to Casa Linda Plaza in February, is that it is “changing the way people think about burgers by providing a deliciously simple yet innovative eating experience,” according to its Facebook page.

Now we finally have an idea of what that means. Because seriously, what’s “innovative” about a burger?

In an email Dugg Burger explained that it plans to “reverse the burger-building process” by digging out the top portion of the bun.

So instead of starting with the patty and then adding toppings, the Dugg team will fill the “dugg out” bun with toppings chosen by guests in a build-as-you-go fashion. Then the burger patty is added hot off the grill after all ingredients are selected.

“This process eliminates the wait that is customary at other burger restaurants and ensures every burger is exactly as the guest wants,” the email states.

There will be twelve toppings, referred to as the “Dugg Dozen,” which includes hickory-smoked bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and fire-roasted jalapeños. A thirteenth ingredient, a guest-pick called the “Lucky 13,” will rotate throughout the year.

Dugg will offer fries and drinks, including a selection of craft beers, and a bread pudding made from the leftover portions of the bun.

It’s located at the northeast corner of Garland Rd and Buckner Blvd in Casa Linda Plaza at 9540 Garland Road, #E407. Hours of operation will be 11 a.m.–10 p.m. every day. Check out the Facebook page for more.

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