The Snuffer’s on Greenville has come a long way since demolition crews made the original building a trash heap in February. At this rate, we should be eating cheddar fries in no time.

The outside is starting to look like the rendering (minus the rendering’s middle-of-nowhere setting. Is it just me, or does it seem like Snuffer’s is sitting alone on a beach?)

Snuffer's on Greenville


The new building definitely looks significantly different than the original, which had been there since the 1940s. Founder Pat Snuffer said it was bittersweet seeing the original building torn down. On the one hand, there was sentimental value to the old rickety, ghost-ridden restaurant. On the other hand, “The building was just… it needed to be replaced,” he explained.


I peeked inside to check it out, and it’s pretty unexciting so far. I didn’t see any ghosts or anything else unusual. The hoped-for opening date was sometime in early fall. Seeing as early fall is now upon us, things seem to be on track.

Snuffer's on Greenville inside

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