In what must be a response to the growing number of new moms in the ‘hood lately, American Power Yoga is now offering MoMeYoga classes for mothers of babies aged 2 months to 2 years. The program incorporates the kiddos into the workout, which basically means the moms use the babies as weights and sing nursery rhymes to them while they hold yoga poses. Which makes me laugh — I can guarantee that if I tried to hold a yoga pose while my 2-year-old son was anywhere near me I’d end up on the floor, being half-Nelsoned by my toddler. Still, it’s difficult to juggle childcare with exercise, so this is a good idea and one that many new neighborhood moms (with mellower kids than mine) will surely give a try. First class free; after that drop in for $14 or enroll and save 15 percent. Click here for times and to register.

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