I wouldn’t go back to high school unless someone paid me, which is exactly what happened at the Morning News this past year, when a couple of reporters followed a handful of immigrants at DISD’s Adamson High School throughout the school term. What they found is detailed beginning Sunday in a DMN series of articles, along with a brief video of the reporters talking about the series on the DMN website. If you’re interested in the inner workings of a DISD school, along with the difficulties faced by immigrants who aren’t necessarily fluent in English and indoctrinated in our culture, check the story out. The reporters say their perception of DISD was changed, for the better, after spending the year talking with and observing teachers, students and administrators. Too bad every DMN reporter and editor can’t do the same thing; I suspect lengthy and up-close exposure to DISD — similar to that those of us who are DISD parents receive  — would open quite a few eyes at the paper, mostly for the better.

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