The first rule of fight club is: You do not talk about fight club. But the iteration coming to the neighborhood this week isn’t a fight club in the truest sense, so we’ll make an exception.

Instead of muscled men duking it out in an underground club in the middle of the night, the Digital Fight Club will be a more civilized event.

The fight night pits two technology experts in a boxing ring and lets them defend their point of view on issues like public transportation, digital safety, disconnecting, synthetic reality and data privacy. There will be five 10-minute rounds before referees and audience members vote for a winner.

Oh, and it takes place in front of 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors. No pressure.

Contestants, which do not include Brad Pitt, won’t be pulling any punches, and it’s sure to be a raucous event.

Digital Fight Club founder, Michael Pratt, hopes the event will grow the community of digital professionals and entrepreneurs while helping brand the region as a hub in digital fields.

The event will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Granada Theater.