Not everyone would give a sandwich a second thought: Grab some bread, something from the deli, slap on some cheese and some mustard and call it lunch.

But Eddie Campbell, one of East Dallas’ only gourmet sandwich peddlers, has had sandwiches on the mind for a while.

“There are significantly more great sandwich shops on the East Coast,” Campbell says. “Actually, in all the other major cities there are more sandwich shops. I just felt that Dallas needed one and we were excited about it. I felt it went well with fun cocktails.”

That’s Knuckle Sandwich in a nutshell — new takes on classic lunch fare, backed by a full bar.

Campbell grew up in Washington, D.C., where hoagies, heroes and grinders could be found around every corner. It left a strong impression.

“We were usually on the go, we were moving fast and always hungry, and that would be my go-to, to grab a sandwich,” he says.

Campbell — one of the minds behind the popular Parliament watering hole on Allen in Uptown — opened Knuckle Sandwich Co. in May after the space once occupied by Vagabond became available. This is Campbell’s first time with a kitchen, but he wasn’t worried about the menu.

“We said when we were opening, if we can do to sandwiches what we’ve done to cocktails, we’ll have done something right,” he says.

Knuckle’s menu is full of new takes on well-known sandwiches. The Cuban, for example, is a sandwich that he “had to have” on the menu. Instead of traditional ham, Knuckle’s Cuban is topped with pork belly and prosciutto. The pressed, hot sandwich also is loaded with house-made mustard, briare and IPA pickles.

So far the restaurant’s titular sandwich also is its No. 1 seller. Like the Cuban, the Knuckle Sandwich also features pork belly, but this time is topped with a fried egg and pimento cheese.

Sandwiches are, well, sandwiched by two pieces of bread baked by the La Spiga bakery in Addison.

Campbell says the list of sandwiches served at Knuckle will evolve over time. And Knuckle’s kitchen is open until 11 p.m. every night, for those wanting a pre-midnight snack.

Knuckle Sandwich

3619 Greenville


Ambience: Neighborhood bar

Price Range: $10-$15

Hours: 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Sandwiches are served until 11 p.m.

Did you know: Knuckle Sandwich recently added gluten free and vegan options to the menu.

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