The popular Irish pub satisfies veggie lovers, too.

Vegan polenta: Mark Davis

Vegan polenta: Mark Davis

Trinity Hall Irish Pub in Mockingbird Station, which offers both vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free menus, is an example of a growing effort on the part of local restaurateurs to serve our neighborhood’s pickiest eaters without turning off the meat-and-potatoes (or, in Trinity’s case, bangers-and-mash) crowd.

It initially had to do with the bottom line, Trinity owner Marius Donnelly says, noting that it started with the gluten-free movement. The associated level of ingredient awareness has motivated people to look more closely at what they consume.

“As our staff as well as guests became more concerned with what they are eating, we noticed an increased demand for vegan menu items.”

Vegan and gluten-free diners can better trust an establishment that offers a specialized menu, he says.

“A kitchen that doesn’t do vegan, for example, might use chicken stock for everything; one of the big changes we made involved switching to a flavorful vegetable-based stock.”

It also is more efficient for the staff to prepare familiar items, as opposed to arranging off-menu dishes. Donnelly and his team, including chef Oscar Gutierrez, exude enthusiasm regarding their from-scratch Ireland-inspired fare, the vegan/vegetarian menu progression and the constant evolution of the overall menu to meet their discerning diners’ desires. From the hummus and veggie platter to the pearled couscous with oil-and-garlic pan-finished vegetables and the aesthetic vegan polenta and beans, the vegan dishes are hearty and healthy. Even non-vegans who simply want to eat healthier and lighter enjoy these meatless creations, says Donnelly, a native of Dublin, Ireland.

The pub, also revered for its small-town atmosphere and ale selection, has partnered with Barnivore to showcase vegan beers. The brewing process sometimes involves the use of fish gills, egg whites or other animal products, Donnelly explains, so now vegans can guiltlessly consume craft beer along with the rest of the crowd.

Trinity Hall Irish Pub

5321 E. Mockingbird (Mockingbird Station)

AMBIANCE Irish pub
PRICES $6-$15
HOURS 11 a.m.-1:30 a.m. daily

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