Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 10.47.16 PMIf you’ve tried to drive down Central or find a parking spot at NorthPark Center within the last couple weeks, you know the holidays have officially arrived. Yesterday the Dallas Police Department shared a note on their Facebook page with some safety tips to keep in mind during this busy season.

Auto thieves and burglars are likely to be lurking around shopping centers, entertainment venues, hotels and other businesses where there will be throngs of people this time of year.

“During these times, drivers are more likely to leave belongings within view inside vehicles as well as become negligent in locking doors and taking keys,” the release says.

“To make matters worse, a thief won’t necessarily stop with taking your vehicle and the things inside. They may also look for personal documents and items that can help them steal your identity or gain access to your home, where they can burglarize additional property.”

The warning stresses three simple tips that help prevent theft and burglary: hide belongings from view, secure the vehicle, and never leave the keys inside.

In addition, drivers should park in areas that are well-lit, near surveillance cameras if available, and near heavy foot or vehicle traffic. “The more thieves feel threatened by detection, the less likely they are to focus on targets in such areas,” the note says.

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