Last April, after a spate of pedestrian deaths in our neighborhood, we questioned the cause. The Atlantic Magazine’s CityLab blog, which looks at urban designs and trends, focuses on Dallas (and features a photo taken right outside the Advocate’s Lakewood offices) and its pedestrian problem.

“So far this year, 32 people walking on the streets of Dallas have been hit and killed by people driving,” notes author Sarah Goodyear. “That’s as many as were killed in all of 2014, when the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area ranked as the 12th most dangerous in the U.S. on the 2014 Smart Growth America Pedestrian Danger Index.”

One Dallas councilman, Philip Kingston in the East Dallas area, disputes the Dallas Police and the Department of Street Services assessment that pedestrians failure to yield is the major cause. He tells Goodyear that as long as we continue to blame the pedestrians, the fatalities will continue. More from CityLab …

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