Photography courtesy of Sean Berry

We’ve heard it on the national news recently: There’s a cream cheese shortage.

Many theories have been suggested as to the reason why. Labor shortages. Supply chain issues. Ransomware attacks. Water rationing. Our desire — nay, our need — for comfort food at the end of yet another pandemic year.

Apparently the shortage is so severe that Kraft, which makes Philadelphia Cream Cheese, is offering to pay people $20 not to make a cheesecake for the holidays.

Today, the company is giving out “limited desert reservations” to 10,000 people. Starting at 11 a.m., neighbors can reserve a spot here. Once confirmed, Kraft will send a link. Then, people can buy a dessert with a dated receipt Dec. 17-24. And starting Dec. 28, links should be used to submit receipts to Kraft for a $20 digital reward.

Tomorrow, 8,000 more reservations will become available.

So a huge corporation is paying people not to serve cheesecake. But what’s it like here in East Dallas?

We asked our local bagel shop, Benny’s Bagels, if they’re having any problems getting a hold of cream cheese. No need to fret; they’re not out of your favorite schmears. But they did tell us they’ve faced some difficulty acquiring hash browns.

We also checked in with Val’s Cheesecakes. As of now, they haven’t had any problems getting cream cheese. But they expect it will be a problem soon. One ingredient they have had an issue with is graham crackers, which they use in some of their crusts.

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