Every summer, we get emails from folks who spot coyotes in their neighborhoods. This summer, being particularly brutal, is no exception.

Cabe Booth of Junius Heights writes that he spotted a coyote outside the Lakewood Library Sunday night, and it had a kitten in its mouth.

“I followed it as it trotted over the small hill at the library, then it galloped left down the middle of the road past Lakewood Theater finally running down a street right before Lakewood Country Club,” Booth writes.

Urban coyotes are not uncommon. NPR reported two years ago there were an estimated 2,000 urban coyotes in Chicago, for example. But coyotes are very stealthy, so we don’t normally see them. They hide out, usually near water, during the day. And at night, they look for food, which could be feral cats or someone’s unlucky pet. So if you let a small pet out at night, beware of coyotes.

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