The light is different, whether lambent on White Rock Lake or streaming through Woodrow’s leaded-glass bay windows. Rain becomes a cleansing agent, yielding…What? A hint of cool air?

That can only mean three things in Dallas: football weather, the scent of fresh mums, and time for the Texas State Fair.

These many splendored things are wrapped up in Homecoming to be held Oct. 21-22.

Also symbolic, the Music Hall will present “Cats,” led by new executive producer Gary Surratt. Do I even have to tell you he’s from the class of ’57? Ah, those anthropomorphic felines singing “Memory.”

Speaking of memories, does anyone remember the giant mums from Lakewood Florist? The shop, which was owned by Peggy Haley, mother of Lenis ’76, was located about where Group One Realtors now exists.

Mrs. Haley double-stocked red ribbon and had equal quantities of blue and gray for Long or Woodrow Homecoming. One could add glitter and all the other bells and whistles (literally).

Girls would trip over the protracted satin on their way to Kip’s (now NationsBank Lakewood). My homecoming date, Beverly Brin, didn’t appreciate the cowbell, which I thought was appealing.

I understand that under Pop Ashburn (Woodrow’s principal from 1928-56), Homecoming was not observed. He instead played “South of the Border” on the intercom and recessed for impromptu pep rallies.

Principal Wayne Pierce let the drill team leave school early on game day (bending the rules of DISD is what makes Woodrow great). The Sweethearts would head home, apply jungle red lipstick and unfurl their curlers to regulation-length dos.

Then they would pile into a vehicle such as a Volkswagen, where their voluminous petticoats would peek out of the windows, all the way to Forester or Franklin Field.

At the game, their high-kick routine would be sandwiched between stentorian screams every time the pigskin flew.

This year, the class of 1974, is celebrating its 20th anniversary Oct. 21-22. Call Susan Towne Russell at 341-7777.

Classes of 1949 and 1950 will meet Oct. 14-15. The event is orchestrated by former KLIF disc jockey Don Keyes ’49. Write 6417 Malcolm, Dallas 75214, for more information.

The class of 1964 held its reunion recently. On Friday of the weekend, 90 classmates gathered at the home of Johnny Skinner to recall their status as the first post-Camelot class. On Saturday, 150 partied at the Doubletree Lincoln Center, which in 1964 was a field across from the planned LBJ Freeway and the site of Doran Chevrolet, which was still Downtown.

Betty and David Park said: “We even had a surprise guest who happened to be staying at the hotel for his wedding anniversary – Coach Hollywood.”

Sherman Invades Athens, Palestine and Hillcrest High

Last month’s Advocate article about current Wildcat quarterback Aaron Sherman failed to report that this senior is a third-generation son of Woodrow.

His late grandfather was William Sherman and father is Bob Sherman. Grandmother Eloise Sherman is the stalwart director of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce and Lakewood Library Friends founder.

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