The corner of Greenville and Richmond.

The corner of Greenville and Richmond.

Navigating Greenville is a job for some of the neighborhood’s top thrill seekers. Orange cones and construction crews seem to take up every intersection in Lower Greenville. That will continue, at least until the end of September, the city announced today.

Construction on parts of the southbound lane began today. That means southbound traffic on the road, between Belmont and Bell, as well as Alta and Ross, will detour to Matilda. There are detour signs posted around the area.

All two-way traffic on Greenville is expected to be restored by Sept. 30, according to the city.

In May it was announced that the last two pieces of road construction, part of the avenue’s overall makeover that started five years ago, would be finished by August.

Councilman Philip Kingston says the delay was caused by unforeseen circumstances. “This, when it’s all said and done, is going to be about 10 months of construction,” he says. Problems arose when bad weather and the need to move utility lines caused delays. It led the project to run over schedule by about three months and over budget by about $172,600. The total project cost is now almost $4.9 million, paid for from 2012 bond funds.

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