“The Rings that Sing” by Christine Smart.

Christine Smart has always been intrigued by talented people.

In college, she was fascinated by a musician friend who had been playing instruments since he was 4 years old. It was “innate” for him to play, she says.

She wrote a book about this topic shortly after college, but nothing came of it. It was just packed up with the rest of her things.

Smart, who has lived in East Dallas about six years, says after her dad died last year, her mom started going through their home. She found a book, The Rings that Sing, and told Smart to take another look at it.

When Smart reviewed the story she had written years ago, she was determined to publish it.

“It’s to remind kids to believe in themselves,” she says. “And if you have a dream, you shouldn’t give up on that dream even if it’s far-fetched.”

Smart teaches English to high-school students in Mesquite now, but in the past, she’s taught third-graders, fourth-graders, sixth-graders and seventh-graders. As an educator, she sees that kids often struggle with believing in themselves, and she tries to motivate students to build and develop their potential.

She selected Aurora Corialis Publishing to help, and the company allowed Smart to play a key role in the editing process.

Here’s a summary of the book:

“Spirited Jemma receives a violin from her parents. Equal parts excited and disappointed that she can’t play it, Jemma awakens in the middle of the night to a curious new friend who takes her on a magical adventure. Will Jemma learn to embrace her inner gifts and make the violin sing?”

The Rings that Sing will be released May 4. It will be available on Amazon.