DART has more miles of commuter train tracks under construction than any other city in North America. There is a bicycle movement going on here, and there 84 miles of HOV lanes. But more Dallas commuters drove to work solo last year than ever before, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau, which last week released its annual American Community Survey.

The survey estimates that out of 582,401 commuters who live inside the city limits, 437,510 drove alone last year — over 75 percent. That’s 2,125 more cars on the road than in 2007, when an estimated 435,327 commuters drove alone. And it’s almost 33,000 more solo commuters than in 2002, when an estimated 404,599 drove to work alone.

The good news is that there were 4,410 more workers commuting in Dallas last year than in 2007. So the percentage of commuters riding solo was lower in 2008 than the previous year. And more people are taking public transportation, according to the survey. In 2008, an estimated 27,679 commuted by public transportation, and that’s 3,638 more than in 2007.

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